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Hurricane   Trackers

Going West on route 10 impacting our vehicle with 60 mile winds I gripped the stearing wheel intensely. Overhead the black sky warned of impending disaster, towns evacuated, students stranded without shelter, panic and mortality.

"We interrupt this broadcast with tragic news...a busload of students trapped on Miracle Strip flooded by torrential rains, and hurricane winds of 200 miles per hour drowned while escaping the bus. "

"God what have we done to deserve this distruction... Global Warming...Rain Forests Depleted..." Carol cried with tears that ran down her neck.

"Another news break a meteor is traveling from the Asteroid Belt toward earth, and is expected to hit in two months."

"God Armageddon in the Year 2000, " Carol cried.

"JPL will divert the meteor off its course, " I assured her.

"Only U.S., Australia and India have programs. "

"Three missiles shot at the meteor will shift the direction away from Terra Firma."

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