Chapter Four of Mars Invaded By Earthlings

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Science Fiction: Chapter 4 of Martian Invasion by Earthlings

As the tremulous team entered the cave on the ceiling of the vast expanse was moving spherical object that appeared to be manipulated by a ghostly apparation. Alien logic frightened the team of techs encountering Martian civilization. "God, " screamed Mona," I have seen that ball outside the last space station plasma jump to Mars. " "Ha, your Holloween frightnight is topped by this, since your face is pale as a ghost, " laughed Vanessa, her dark beautiful face smirking as a hand grasped her neck, turning she was paralyzed with shock of seeing the alien form solid as you or I, bouncing a ball in its holographic hand.

Frightened by the Alien, Vanessa observed a metamorphosous transforming the Alien to a human body.
Given a translator, "Richaard LeBoyce, welcome's you to Mars," as a processed filter(view movie with Shockwave plug in and IE) modified the Alien's voice to a Human's voice. Previous to translation, Click for sound "Oh no, it is speaking to me, " cried Venessa as the crew nicknamed her.
As the alien faded out Vanessa was drawn to the amorphous figure, as the group stood back with horror on their faces. Her arm was engulphed by the fog that formed a tornado like twister, dragging her into the vortex, "help I can't stop this..." she screamed as the holigraphic image formed, the group screamed in awe!!
Actual Capture of the Alien in its True Materialized Image

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Recorded filtered Alien speech indicated, "we have studied your DNA," warned the Alien.

Forewarned is forearmed, as Vanessa experienced a strange event, an ...obe

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