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OBE and SciFi Links

Artbell's WebSite with Recent Reports of OBE
Radio program interviewing experts and people with OBE effects
Science Fiction and Mystery Reviews
Ongoing reviews of SciFi, and Martian SciFi
Java Animation Meditator: IE4 Recommended
Enter a Virtual Reality altered state of consiousness for OBE or remote viewing states
Virtual Reality meditator
Alpha Rhythm Stimulator: IE4
Java Medatator Animation Site
Alter your state of consciousness with Java Animations

Emerging from her physical reality Vanessa like a comet shot into a Virtual Space Time Continuum.

Following the Alien through the worm hole, Vanessa experienced a virtual jump from her Martial location to another dimension. "Without oxygen I'm traveling through space, " moaned Vanessa, "I may be having an Outer Body Experience!!" Blasting through the worm hole, Vanessa registered fragmentary pictures of planets, specifically Neptune, also captured by Space Satellite Leo.

Watching Vanessa eject through the vortex, images of UFOs formed from the hologram:ufovidpart.gif (560458 bytes).Partial Animation!! Order Complete

Secure Checks for Screensaver Animations

Chapter Exerps from Greenhouse Environment Novel, Virtual Reality Outer Body Travel through Spatial Temporal Dimensions!!! Alternative Methodology Remote Viewing

Secure Checks for Scifi Novels, y2k, Immunity and Complete Animated Screensavers Quasar, Neptune, Jupiter, and Universe Screensavers

Experience an OBE Tower Virtual Tower of Power Shooting past Neptune into the Milky Way Galaxy Venessa or Marliene her real name, entered a Globular Cluster: Demo of Complete Screensaver - Check out Secure Check Ordering CompuStore
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OUTER    BODY    EXPERIENCES:    OBE,    Real    or    Virtual?

Outer Body Experiences real or virtual? Are these experiences only dreaming, or are they true experiences? Reporting of shooting from their body into another spatial temporal location is now more common. Spiritual or Physical, mystical or scientific basis?

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